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June 7, 2021

Pink Plan have created a bespoke, personalised booking\file delivery portal that is efficient, user-friendly and all without losing our personal touch.

With your unique login details you can book in properties with ease with our address finding fields and then selecting your services required; offering our usual range of photos, floorplans, EPCs, virtual tours and more!

You can also select specific dates and times for your booking or choose ‘ASAP’ for us to fit it into our first available slot.

Arranging access into properties through the portal has never been easier, with our self explanatory options, giving us all the relevant information to save any issues on the day!

We’re aiming to reduce cancellations with more accurate information, automatic confirmations and even text alerts.

We enjoy being a small and involved team and we were aware that we didn’t want to lose the one to one, personal booking system that was already in place, so we’ve made communications to your usual account manager nice and easy.

Its our new, shiny baby and still changing slightly everyday, so you the clients can have your say and help us implement functions that make your life easier… In the end, that’s our aim!

We hope you enjoy using it and remember if you need a quick reminder or tutorial, you can watch yours truly do a walk through how-to in the video below.

Written by Grace Jones

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