How Pink Plan Are Staying COVID Safe:

February 3, 2021

“We’re living in unprecedented times!” 

It seems like the c-word is on everyone's lips; it’s in the news, on your social media and your next door neighbour definitely won’t stop talking about it any time soon… 

To put it lightly, EVERYONE is freaking out. 

However, we really don’t want to add to the mountain of anxieties that everyone has at the moment. So we’re outlining, briefly, how we’re making sure our visits will be perfectly safe, and a short (possibly fun) respite from that endless Zoom meeting you may have.  

  • Firstly, all our photographers will always be wearing masks and gloves.
  • They will be making sure they touch absolutely nothing in your property (they will also make sure they’re looking extra awkward when they do so)
  • The photographer will ask if you can leave the property for the duration of the appointment and if you cannot, they will stay as far away from you as possible. (They will likely try to be in a different room/space than you at all times)
  • Our photographers are staying healthy. They are monitoring their symptoms all the time and reporting any signs of being unwell at the first instance.
  • We are asking that you present your property in the way you would like - meaning that as we’re strictly not touching anything, we will not be rearranging furniture etc.
  • Lastly, we are making sure that you have all means of contacting us if you need to cancel due to feeling unwell.

All in all, we are remaining friendly and professional, so this can be one of the many things you can tick off your To-Do list without a second thought. 

See you soon! 

Written by Grace Jones - Operations Manager

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