An Estate Agents’ Guide to Instagram 

February 18, 2021

Instagram has been around for a while now and is becoming evermore a tremendous marketing tool. Learning how to benefit from Instagram has become almost a full time job. We, however, feel like the basics should be shared - so we’ve thought of some handy tips to help spruce up your Instagram and help you reach the right audience.

  1. Understand the POWER OF HASHTAGS

These are magical little words that help spread your posts far and wide - to people wanting to see similar photos to use. They are often relevant to various trends or events. Make sure you are using hashtags relevant to YOU. ie. #estateagent #houseforsale #newinstruction

  1. Videos, Boomerangs & Dynamic Photos

It might seem simple, but this is a way you can better engage your audience. Since the emergence and success of TikTok, it seems that you shouldn’t overdo it with still images. Boomerangs and videos, maybe even partially dynamic photos can show you as current and creative. 

  1. Spend time on your Bio

First impressions and all that… But seriously, this really counts. Make sure your information here is up to date and you have your links to your website and other social media platforms. You have a chance to show your colours here - experiment by writing something more casual or comedic. 

  1. Timing is EVERYTHING

Make sure to post regularly and at peak times. As you may have heard, there are a whole bunch of algorithms flying around insta so you have to try and make them work for you. Think; lunch breaks, commutes home and evening scrolling. 

  1. Be human

Every now and then, check your page and make sure it’s not just an endless stream of perfect looking houses. Post about your team, teams pets, managers and life anecdotes. Make sure that you’re giving people ways to relate to you. 

  1. High Res 

Good. Quality. Photos. Please. 

  1. Remember it is a SOCIAL media

Similarly to remembering to be human on this app, remember that you’re also presenting to an audience of humans. Start conversations in your posts, maybe invite people to chat on comments and engage there. People largely like to feel a part of something so reaching out to people this way will help your following grow. 

  1. Tell a STORY

Your story is a beautiful hammer in your useful marketing tool box that is Instagram. Illustrate your stories with comic gifs, animations, quotes and photos. Your story is for the people that ALREADY follow you - give them reasons to stay up to date with you by keeping your stories interesting and alive!

Alternatively, we can create a bespoke social media template package and manage your social media accounts for as low as £250+VAT a month. If you would like to know more about this service please get in touch with us!

Written by Grace Jones - Operations Manager

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